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    August 2019 #moms30for30…


    I’m participating in the August 2019 #moms30for30 wardrobe challenge. I’ve picked 30 items that I’ll remix for the next 30 days.


    The rules of the 30 challenge are simple:

    * Choose 30 items to mix over the month

    * Accessories, shoes, and lounge wear don’t count as a part of the 30 choices (I’m counting bathing suits as lounge wear)


    I feel that it’s important to wear the clothes that we have, and not to strive to fill a walk-in closet…there are so many more imperative things in life than possessions.



    This isn’t my first #moms30for30, I did this wardrobe challenge in November 2017, May 2017, April 2016, and July 2015.

    Taking selfies everyday seems shallow at first glance, but this is a way to show that it doesn’t take a full closet to create different outfits, and that it’s ok to wear the same items over and over. I’ve written before about Minimalism, and at 41 I’m happy with where I’m at, and with what I do have – a comfy bed, kids who are thriving, laughter every day, and a cozy place to live.

    Being thoughtful about what we accumulate is important, and as Mom’s, sometimes we don’t spend those extra few minutes putting together something different from our usual attire. We wear our clothes the same way everyday, and 80% of our items never leave the closet. Doing a 30 day challenge really allows us to see what we use, and what we really don’t need any longer.



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