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    Hugs. We all need hugs.


    We all deserve to be looked at for who we are now.

    Not our history.

    We change and grow daily. To be held in place by someone else’s view of us is unfair.

    Everyone deserves to be who they are today. Give the benefit of the doubt that other’s will grow (not including the Cluster B’s).

    Mental and emotional manipulation are at unreal levels. Everything is turned around. How do we navigate this?

    Receiving harmony from hugs helps. Shared moments are so important. Pounding hearts accepting each other for where we are currently. Open to change. Open to self growth. Open.

    Being ourselves makes the world go around. Good, bad, hurting, healing…around and around.

    Integrating into each other’s lives to be a collective support system. Truly being seen and heard. 




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