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My name is Jenny Zeller, and I started blogging in 2009. I have always loved writing, and I hope that others can connect to what I have to say. My aim is to be open and honest, and perhaps witty from time to time. Currently, I am home with my daughters – 12 year old Ava and 7 year old Madelaine. 

My background is in Wedding Design and Florals with studies in English and Interior Design. I love Fashion too.

10 Things about me:

* My blog was called Solo Mommy when I started it in 2009, then it was Ruminating Mommy until I recently changed it to my maiden name.

* I was in the very first Top 30 Mom Bloggers group in 2010 #VMTOP30 .

* I’m on year #5 of homelearning with my older daughter – I never thought that I would be doing school at home but it’s working out pretty well.

* I turned 41 this year and I’m loving it.

* I never have only one book going at once…usually I have four on completely different topics that I switch between.

* I love music from the 80’s…and The Beatles. 

* I grew up in Winnipeg, lived in Vancouver for 20+ years, and now I live in the Okanagan- so basically, I can adapt to any temperature.

* I’ve had a seizure disorder since childhood.

*  I’m almost finished the ACIM Workbook…

* One day I would love to write a book.



For product reviews, please contact me at jennyzellerblog@gmail.comI do require time to review products before writing posts. 

I am willing to try products geared towards my family as well as myself. I live in the Okanagan, in BC, Canada, and I would prefer to review items/services that Canadians can purchase and have shipped to them. 

I will only write about products that I have tried, and I will be honest about my experience. If I receive a product for review it is understood that I will keep it (unless we have another agreement).

Please contact me before sending any product.

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